As Cleveland’s Forward Cities Council worked to promote inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship in their four targeted corridors in Cleveland, their initiative sparked new positive thinking about each of the selected focus neighborhoods.
To aid in understanding the conditions in each focus neighborhood, the Cleveland Innovation Council asked the Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs to join the council as a local research and data partner.  In particular, the Center was tasked with researching and describing each of the selected focus areas.
The report, titled The Forward Cities Cleveland Experience: Overview and Analysis, describes each of the selected corridors and surrounding neighborhoods, including the role of the public sector, talent pipeline and youth entrepreneurship in encouraging minority entrepreneurship and small business growth. For each neighborhood, the report also describes demographic characteristics, economic indicators, the number of minority and women-owned companies, and real estate conditions.
While working on the report, the Center also assembled a catalogue of support organizations that assist entrepreneurs in the city of Cleveland and a directory of minority-owned and women-owned companies located in the city.
This CSU Forward Cities report can be found in the Data/Tools section at