Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) is a statewide non-profit, member-owned community development credit union that serves 60,000 members across North Carolina. Started in 2000 after a rash of robberies targeting unbanked Latinos carrying cash, LCCU has grown to $200 million in assets and provided nearly $300 million in financing to underserved communities. For 45,000 of their members, LCCU is their first experience with a financial institution. By creating member-owners, and by making available the tools they need to build wealth and strengthen their communities, LCCU serves as a model of financial inclusion and immigrant integration.
LCCU members are not only managing their transactions but building credit, taking on loans to build their employment capacity, purchasing homes, and saving for education and retirement. They are not only realizing their current dreams but preparing for their future. The LCCU vision is to ensure that all communities have economic opportunities to pass on to future generations.

Luis Pastor has been President and CEO of Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) since 2001. He oversaw the organization’s expansion, making it the fastest growing credit union in the U.S. During his tenure, LCCU has become a national model for institutions seeking to provide financial education and services to unbanked and low-income immigrant communities. LCCU has received numerous awards including the E Pluribus Unum award for its exceptional immigration integration initiatives as well as the first Wachovia NEXT Award designed to propel high-potential CDFIs to a next level of growth, success, and staying power.
Pastor, a native of Spain, has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from CUNEF (Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain), a Masters in Human Resources from CEF (Centros de Estudios Financieros, Madrid, Spain) and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain).

Luis Pastor will participate in the "Developing Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Their Neighborhoods" panel at the Forward Cities Detroit convening, June 2015.