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Forward Cities President & CEO @FayHorwitt_FC played a pivotal role in the success of #ESHIP and, at last week's final convening, she delivered heartfelt words about the path going forward.


Our #ESHIP Final Convening last week was powerful and inspiring. While this chapter is coming to a close, the story will continue being written in #KansasCity, #Baltimore, #RioGrande, and #LongBeach.


You won't want to miss the 2nd session line up for Pull-Up@Provident!
Counting the Cost: PESTLE - External Forces that Affect Your Business | The Effects of Learned Helplessness and Privilege in Leadership | Developing a leadership mindset for you and your employees


"The energy in Jeannette is very palpable. You can feel the positive things that are coming to this community." Forward Cities Director of Community Innovation, Hassan Bazzi reflects on the work done in Westmoreland County, PA. Read the full blog at

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