Developing a 10-year vision based on the Five Levers to Foster an Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem

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It is important for a community to determine its 10-year vision for inclusive innovation before engaging in any strategic planning efforts. As the vision comes into focus, a priority is to get agreement on target outcomes with explicit buy-in from all stakeholders – especially among those most impacted by the work (i.e. local entrepreneurs and innovators). With alignment on outcomes a healthy debate can be had about what types of strategies are most likely to achieve the outcomes, what resources are going to be required to put this plan into action, and what organization(s) are most likely to see this work through. A helpful framework to help communities advance their innovation ecosystem is the BEMAS Framework. Coined by Forward Cities, BEMAS stands for Build, Enable, Measure, Advocacy/Policy, and Share, and collectively these key elements drive an innovation ecosystem.

BEMAS Framework

What is community’s 5 to 10-Year Vision for Inclusive Innovation?

NOTE: this vision statement should be bold but grounded in reality.  It should be specific in its target outcomes regarding the long-term impact it will have in the community.  Most importantly, it should inspire and serve as a rallying cry for community leaders that increases broad commitment for making this vision statement a reality.

Questions to consider when developing a vision statement based on the BEMAS framework:

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