Innovation Council Sample Milestone Timeline

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Prior to forming a local innovation council, communities are encouraged to achieve the following milestones. Order of milestones will vary by community.

  • Consider funding sources and budget (e.g., staffing costs if not provided in-kind, meeting space, meals, materials, mileage reimbursement, etc);
  • Establish MOUs or less formal agreements, especially for in-kind staffing, as appropriate;
  • Identify/hire Inclusive Innovation Fellow;
  • Identify individuals to develop innovation council member recruitment materials; Individuals may eventually serve on marketing/communications committee;
  • Recruit co-chairs and executive committee members;
  • Review and complete Diversity/Inclusion Matrix; and
  • Use influence of staff and innovation council leadership to recruit innovation council members.

Once the initial Innovation Council is established, the following meeting timeline may apply (Note: assumes meetings of 2-3 hours, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. While the timeline can be condensed with longer meetings, keep in mind the attention span of participants).

# of meeting(s)*Focus
1-4Introduce innovation council members and the process, identify committee membership, and establish meeting schedule and high-level operating procedures. Secure additional resources as needed. Begin to build trust among diverse representatives (ongoing effort).
1-2Consider 10-year vision for fostering inclusive innovation (including establishing a common understanding of equity and inclusivity within the community context).
9-15Complete the Community Innovation Asset Map (Note: some of these meetings can occur outside of the innovation council (such as by the data partner or in the data committee during the systems mapping work). The policy committee will also be actively engaged in completing the Asset Map.
1Present Asset Map to innovation council for discussion. Edit Asset Map based on innovation council feedback, assign points to each measure. (Note: Assigning points can be done virtually).
1-3Innovation council leaders (or data committee members) should facilitate a dialogue among innovation council members about the differences in points within these measures, refine Asset Map and 10-year vision as needed.
NextComplete the first Community Perception Survey.

Participate in Strategic Planning efforts and identify an accountable anchor organization.

Develop communications plan.
Ongoing, as needed.The innovation council membership may change as some leave and new members join. Team development strategies should continue until innovation council norms have been established, and then ongoing as needed.

Monitor and trouble-shoot the implementation of the strategic plan, including communications/storytelling and local policy efforts.

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