Local ESOs Come Together to Identify Solutions and Build a More Equitable Indianapolis

Upwards of fifteen Indianapolis metro entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs), in partnership with JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Forward Cities, are on a journey over the next 10 months to design and implement ecosystem projects that bolster capital access for entrepreneurs of color. This investment is part of JPMorgan Chase’s $30 billion racial equity commitment to advance economic inclusion and help close the racial wealth gap.

We are delighted to share reflections from ESHIP Baltimore Local Organizer and Founder of Cohado®, Paulo Gregory. Paulo has been leading the ESHIP Baltimore work since 2020 after serving as a founding member of the ESHIP Baltimore Leadership Team and local council in years prior. Paulo is a dynamic and dedicated ecosystem builder, facilitator, designer, artist, grassroots community leader, and catalyst for racial and economic justice.

If entrepreneurs are the “key” to disrupting persistent generational wealth inequities, the “lock” is the communities they serve. When an entrepreneur taps into their passion, whether it’s entertainment, beauty, or food, they provide resources or means that enhance the community. In Black and Brown neighborhoods, these businesses are even more significant.

We are delighted to share reflections from ESHIP Long Beach (ESHIP LB) Local Organizer and Founder of Fuller Management Corporation, Kena Fuller! Kena has been leading the ESHIP LB work since the spring of 2021 after serving as a member of the ESHIP LB Council. She brings to her work a vibrant passion for helping small business owners while creating greater equity in her community of Long Beach, California.