Triangle ESO Network

Triangle ESO LogoForward Cities is a proud member of the Triangle ESO Network.

Too often, we think that everyone we know knows what we have going on. We assume that the algorithms on LinkedIn,Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever else are working together to get the message of the good work we are doing out to our networks. And those platforms are doing that… but not as frequently as we would like.  So we miss out on opportunities to educate ourselves and support our friends because the algorithms just aren’t made to keep us informed.

We want to know what’s going on in the Triangle Ecosystem. We want to know what articles are celebrating our successes and addressing our challenges. We want to know the conversations and convenings that are happening across our area so that we can be more aware of and engaged with others who are looking to do amazing things in our region of North Carolina.

Let’s build this network up and out so that those businesses, organizations, and individuals who may be looking for what we are saying without knowing they’re looking for it end up finding it.

Let’s continue doing the good work and let’s let one another know of that work.