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Forging Forward is the official podcast of Forward Cities. Through these stories, we amplify the urgent work of entrepreneurial ecosystem building — an emerging field aiming to achieve economic, racial, and social justice through more equitable support for entrepreneurs.

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Season one

Forging Forward Season One

Meet the Builders: The Intersection of Identity and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building

Our inaugural season features conversations between Forward Cities’ Local Directors LC Johnson (Franklin County/Columbus, OH) and Kaliah Ligon (Indianapolis, IN), and former Program Manager Kim Louis (New Kensington, PA), and host Rajah Satterwhite (Forward Cities Communications Manager). Conversations delve into the changing landscape of entrepreneurship and small business ownership in each of their communities in light of the global health crisis and movement for racial equity and justice.


Forging Forward Season Two

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building as a Practice

Season two of Forging Forward dives deeper into the work of Forward Cities’ Local Directors through the experience of entrepreneurs who participated in the Minimal Viable Solution (MVS) pilot program as part of our Community Entrepreneurship Accelerators in Franklin County/Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, and Pittsburgh, PA.

ESHIP Communities Bonus Episode


Forging Forward LogoWelcome to the ESHIP Communities bonus episodes of Forging Forward. Funded by the Kauffman Foundation, ESHIP Communities exists to explore pathways to build inclusive, sustainable entrepreneur-centric economies; providing people with ideas, the connections, tools, and support needed to be successful.

Forward Cities has four ESHIP communities across the country including - ESHIP Rio Grande in  New Mexico, ESHIP Long Beach in- CA, ESHIP Kansas City in KS and MO; and ESHIP Baltimore in MD. In this two-part series, we’ll listen in on conversations centered around specific areas of focus for each community.

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Part I

Part II


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