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Ensuring that every entrepreneur has an opportunity to be funded in an equitable manner is core to our work at Forward Cities. 
Which is why we partner with organizations like Berkshire Bank and Reevx Labs who are on the ground and making a difference in the lives and communities in the Greater Boston area.


As major stakeholders in the Greater Boston area, Berkshire Bank and Reevx Labs saw a void in their community that needed to be filled. Their partnership will include having Forward Cities survey, facilitate conversations, and help local ecosystem stakeholders — including ESOs and entrepreneurs — map assets, better understand how well equipped service providers are to address barriers to equitable entrepreneurship, illuminate opportunities to catalyze the ecosystem, and generate ideas to activate Reevx Labs Roxbury.

The project will culminate in a workshop focused on equitable access to capital well as a portfolio of recommended action steps and strategies, including articulating the potential impact Reevx Labs can have when scaled.

Local leaders Edgard Arty, Joao Martin, and Ron Molina-Brantley will lead the charge on the ground, collaborating with entrepreneurs and ESOs to facilitate the local connections that will make this engagement successful. This work is community work and, while Forward Cities can provide the infrastructure and systems to promote learning, it is an effort that must be and is tailored to the community being served.


Photo of Edgard ArtyEdgard Arty

VP Relationship Manager-MyBanker
Reevx Labs, powered by Berkshire Bank

Edgard demonstrates A+ customer service to all his clients, by establishing trust and offers the tools his clients need to bank with dignity. He offers his clients that personal touch of service with a clear understanding of their financial outlook. The goal is to improve the way people conduct their banking by providing a convenient way to do so.

Edgard is also involved in various community efforts to include “Truth to the Youth” where he teaches teens and young adults on awareness of financial fitness, team building, education preparation and social responsibility.

As a veteran of The United States Army, Edgard is always giving back to the military community. He has spearheaded an initiative called “From Recruit to Retirement”. Partnering with various military locations and VA installations to discuss with enlisted military members, veterans and retirees on financial literacy and benefits throughout their military career.


Photo of Joao MartinJoao Martin

Community Coordinator,
Reevx Labs

Joao has been the Community Coordinator at the Reevx Labs for the last year and a half. With a background in family services and childcare, Joao has always been passionate about his community. While working at several nonprofit organizations he has been able to assist several families in his community to prosper. Coming from a large family and being born and raised in Boston, Joao is devoted to the improvement of the city. He has 3 children of his own and volunteers with several organizations. His favorite has been the No Book No Ball League where he has been a volunteer coach, mentor, and big brother for the last 22 years. Joao looks forward to meeting new people and looking for ways to build our community.



Photo of Ron Molina-Brantley Ron Molina-Brantley

Vice President Relationship Manager,
Team Leader, Berkshire Bank

Ron Molina-Brantley is the Vice President Relationship Manager, Team Leader for Berkshire Bank. He has been employed as a community banker at Berkshire Bank for the last year, after having spent the last few years working at Valley Venture Mentors where he helped businesses throughout Springfield and the Pioneer Valley regions with technical assistance and mentorship.

Ron's professional career spans nearly 20 years having started his career working within the Finance Department for the City of Springfield. He joined Valley Venture Mentors in 2016 as Vice President of Operations before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2017. As COO of Valley Venture Mentors Ron was instrumental in helping reshape the organization and helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business reach their fullest potential.

To learn more about our work in and surrounding Boston, contact our Director of Community Innovation, Hassan Bazzi.