ESHIP Baltimore engages entrepreneurs and community leaders in a collective effort to cultivate the creativity, innovation, and leadership of black Baltimore as a model for thriving equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems of the future. The work of the local council is focused on the development of a culturally grounded ecosystem model that prioritizes the assets and leadership within the Black community, with the support of allied partners. Elements of the two-year program include the formation of a local council, storytelling, research and community-led pilot programs to amplifvy community assets and address emerged barriers.

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Meet ESHIP Baltimore Local Organizer

André Robinson

André Robinson, CEO of The Robinson Group, has an extensive background in production, project management, non-profit executive leadership, community organizing and entrepreneurship. André formerly worked as executive director of Mount Royal Community Development Corporation, developer of Baltimore’s first innovation district, Innovation Village.

He served as an organizer and development specialist for The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, and as managing director and producer for Belafonte Enterprises, executive producer at My Image Studios (MIST) Harlem, executive director of the Black Filmmaker Foundation and artistic director for the Roger Furman Theater.

 He also directed and produced the Fox 45 reality show, The Good Fellas of Baltimore, a documentary style series that starred local entrepreneurs who worked with local charities and community members to solve serious challenges faced by Baltimore families featured in each episode. André is a community and cultural engineer and a master gardener, dedicated to cultivating the relationships needed for growth.


This Kauffman Foundation initiative is led by a collaborative council of individuals who represent different stakeholders from across the community. Forward Cities is managing the implementation of this effort as a grantee of the Kauffman Foundation.

For more information contact:

Andre Robinson
ESHIP Baltimore Local Organizer
[email protected]

Fay Horwitt
President, Forward Cities
[email protected]