Fostering Relationships & Connection

December 21, 2023 | By

Nastacia Pereira

Ecosystem Builders-in-Residence served as the local activator, convener, and facilitator for the Black Wall Street Forward council meetings and activities in their local community.

In the journey toward economic empowerment and liberation, Black communities have always been rich in heritage, resilience, and innovation despite contending with deeply layered systemic and structural inequities that effectively block access to opportunities. Black Wall Street, the moniker given to several Black communities with thriving economic and entrepreneurial hubs that emerged in post-Civil War America, is a testament to this resilience, strength, and cultural significance. A year ago, we launched the Black Wall Street Forward initiative to begin to shift the false and damaging dominant narrative of disenfranchisement and disinvestment experienced by Black entrepreneurs and their businesses. At the core of this endeavor was a recognition of the immeasurable value of relationships and a commitment to fostering connections across three vital dimensions – purpose, community, and generations. 

In our inaugural year, the impact of Black Wall Street Forward is best demonstrated through these connections forged among council members, ecosystem builders, and their local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Purposeful connections serve as catalysts for collaboration, uniting individuals around shared goals and aspirations. As one council member aptly expressed, 'When Black people gather it's always a good time, but when we come together for a specific purpose, it’s POWERFUL.' This sentiment resonates deeply with our ethos—a belief that the power of relationships transcends mere transactions; they foster trust, collaboration, and a sense of belonging.

"When Black people gather it's always a good time, but when we come together for a specific purpose, it’s POWERFUL."

Council Member

Councils developed and launched pilot projects to address the needs of entrepreneurs in the community.

In our final survey, 96% of council members reported actively engaging in collaborative efforts to identify new solutions and programs to improve opportunities for Black entrepreneurs in their local community. This spirit of collaboration extends further, with 83% establishing connections with new Black entrepreneurial champions within their local communities, fostering a network of support and shared vision. Moreover, 88% reported strengthened relationships within their local council itself, affirming the power of cohesive alliances in driving meaningful change. Notably, 80% initiated partnerships with other organizations within the council, and 79% expressed increased trust among council members and organizations, laying the foundation for fruitful future collaborations. Equally impactful is the reported heightened familiarity with their local entrepreneurial ecosystem — 79% reported gaining a deeper understanding of individuals dedicated to serving the needs of Black entrepreneurs in their community. 

Community connections, as echoed by another member, illustrate the importance of bringing together Black community initiators and business professionals to discuss topics crucial to the Black community, emphasizing the quality and impact of these interactions. Community connections are fundamental in cultivating a sense of belonging and support, and provide a platform for shared learning, growth, and collective action.

"I truly think it's great bringing Black community initiators and business folks together monthly to educate and discuss topics that affect the Black community. It's always a quality experience."

Council Member

12-person councils of Black entrepreneurial champions and allies came together for a six month learning and action journey.

Moreover, intergenerational connections hold profound value, as highlighted by council members’ appreciation for intergenerational perspectives. Connections across generations play a crucial role in bridging the past, present, and future. By embracing the wisdom passed down through generations, we not only honor our heritage but also pave the way for innovative solutions and sustainable progress. 

Our desire to foster more meaningful connections stems from the belief that deeper bonds and collaborative efforts provide the foundation for driving impactful change within our communities. Fostering relationships isn't merely a bonus; it's essential. It's a recognition that in a landscape marred by historical injustices and structural inequities, building solidarity and collective action is paramount. By fostering stronger relationships, we aim to weave a tapestry of support, guidance, and shared success stories that elevate the entire community. 

These interwoven connections across purpose, community, and generations are vital in our endeavor to redefine and revitalize the spirit of Black Wall Street. As we journey forward and continue to refine the Black Wall Street Forward initiative, the emphasis on relationship building isn't just a fleeting desire—it's a strategic imperative. It's a vision to create vibrant ecosystems where relationships serve as the cornerstone for empowerment and belonging, where trust and collaboration reign supreme, and where every voice contributes to the symphony of progress.