Forward Cities values collaboration above all. We are always interested in finding new partners, exploring new ideas, and forging new ground. Join us.

Forward Cities engages communities in a myriad of ways including our:
  • E3 Accelerator designed to strengthen local equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems through data-driven, community-informed consulting engagements;
  • E3 Region piloted in our home state of North Carolina through an initiative called InnovateNC and are working to expand our regional impact model in other states;
  • ABIDE training designed to foster authentic conversations about racial equity and how to create more accepting, culturally competent support systems for New Majority businesses; and
  • National Learning Network designed to create opportunities for shared learning and collaboration.
Data & Research

Forward Cities is a national leader in developing and applying research tools that support communities to better understand the inner workings of their entrepreneurial ecosystems. We are approaching ecosystem measurement and analysis through a strong racial and gender equity lens, centering local community voices, and specialize in translating our research into actionable insights for entrepreneurial supporters, local government, philanthropy and financial institutions.

Our suite of assessment and evaluation tools have excellent track records in communities around the country, helping local stakeholders better understand entrepreneurship in their community, including to whom entrepreneurship is inaccessible and what actions need to be taken to enhance equity in entrepreneurial opportunities for underserved communities. These tools play a critical part in Forward Cities’ different engagements with individual cities and regions through identifying areas for more equitable ecosystem growth and dynamism, while also providing a much needed accountability mechanism for these efforts over time. 

While these tools are a fundamental building block in our E3 Accelerator they can also be commissioned individually, or in a package, as part of a tailored ecosystem consultancy project. For any further questions and pricing inquiries please reach out.