September E3 Durham Entrepreneur of the Month

Congratulations to the September E3 Durham Entrepreneur of the Month! Che Ramos is the founder and operator at The Black Bourbon Guy. Che possesses extensive experience in the restaurant industry and has a deep knowledge and love of whiskey. Read more about Che and The Black Bourbon Guy in our E-newsletter feature!

Pull-Up at Provident welcomes Durham-based small business owners and founders in all stages of their business journey to connect for networking, learning, and support. These convening events create an environment where entrepreneurs can turn to one another for knowledge and advice, and to gain access to relationships that will help them grow their businesses.

The E3 Durham Community Navigator Pilot Project is designed to assist you on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you have an idea for a new business, are an existing business seeking to grow, or a business that looks to recover during these uncertain times, the E3 Durham Community Navigator Pilot Project is here to help.

Register here to be connected to a network of support organizations that have comprehensive support services to meet the needs of current and future business owners.