The Journey of a Parallel-Preneur

March 1, 2023 | By

Tivi Jones

"I help them get clear on their client as well as get confident in their business and their services so they can turn their side business into a thriving income."

Nefateria Fonda’

Nefateria Fonda

Nefateria Fonda´ is the founder of Go Get It, Inc.

They say life comes at you fast. Entrepreneur Nefateria Fonda’ might agree. While she describes herself as always being on an entrepreneurial journey, she admits — that earlier in her life — she was so caught up in the process of checking the boxes, that she wasn’t really paying attention to what her mission was, or what her faith called her to be.

“I ended up having a heart attack,” she says of the turning point in her life. “It made me realize that there were things in my life that I had not [gone] after cuz I was too busy…being a box checker.”

After this life-changing event, Nefateria went on a journey to discover her passion and purpose and to experience more. She tried Tae Kwon Do, motorcycles, and more, but what she kept coming back to was entrepreneurship.

Nefateria describes herself as always being a “parallel-preneur” — someone with a 9-to-5 or career who also runs an entrepreneurial venture — and after getting her coaching certification in 2013, she began deeply investing in her side business while working for the US Postal Service.

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As an E3 Durham entrepreneur, Nefateria has spoken and presented a workshop at the Pull-Up at Provident events.

Today, she’s a certified business and sales coach who works with clients to help them completely revamp their businesses.

“I help them get clear on their client as well as get confident in their business and their services so they can turn their side business into a thriving income,” she says.

Nefateria is also the author of “How to ACT” a book she sells alongside her services on her website. ACT is an acronym for “Activate Your Faith, Commit to a Plan and Take Action That Will Change Your Life.”

As a consistent E3 Durham participant, Nefateria sees the value of community and fellowship, and she founded an organization to help people like her connect called Christian Business Owners Network. She describes it as “a safe place for Christian business owners who are doing it alone, that want a circle of support, help, encouragement as they grow their business with contacts, collaborations, and connections.”

Nefateria is not letting anything stand in the way of her dreams, so it’s no wonder her company is called “Go Get it, Inc.”

Learn more about Nefateria Fonda´ and Go Get It, Inc. at

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