PLACE Builders Fellow Justus Cornelius Pugh

May 6, 2024 | By

Nutishia Lee

This spotlight is part of the “PLACE Builders fellows” series. More information about the PLACE (Pava LaPere Award for Cultivating Ecosystems) Builders fellowship can be found here.


Justus Cornelius Pugh headshot

Justus Cornelius Pugh

Great Lakes Region

Great Lakes fellow, Justus Cornelius Pugh, is bringing together the right ingredients to push impactful initiatives forward by facilitating community events, wellness-based storytelling workshops, and team meetings for What’s the Move?, his community-centric data and analytics tech startup.

"I am so proud of the talent, innovation, and creativity that flows through the city. When we gather, collaborate, and connect, magic happens."

Justus Cornelius Pugh

A natural facilitator, he plans to create a "community kitchen" to gather passionate entrepreneurs to share meals, create strong bonds, and explore the power of collaboration and resource sharing. Justus shares that “it’s about building trust, fostering interdependence, and turning mealtimes into a springboard for collaboration. As we share stories over delicious food, we'll gain insights into each other's goals and projects.” 

He looks forward to deepening his ecosystem building practice and integrating impactful ventures, community spaces, and connections into a sustainable system that will provide the opportunity to continue supporting those working toward an equitable future.

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Inspired by the legacy of Pava LaPere, forever Chief Ecosystem Officer and Co-Founder of EcoMap Technologies, as a tribute to her legacy of fighting for equal access to opportunity, the PLACE (Pava LaPere Award for Cultivating Ecosystems) Builders fellowship aims to catalyze more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems by providing intensive training, peer support, and community pilots to eight selected fellows.

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