New Haven

New Haven is at an important inflection point.

The raw number of businesses has not yet rebounded to pre-Recession levels. Small and microbusinesses have accounted for most of the gains. However, ownership opportunities look vastly different depending on race and gender. New Haven has the potential to correct some of these inequities by boosting entrepreneurship and small business growth within currently under-connected communities. Launched in the Spring of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, our work in New Haven is centered around a community informed assessment of the state of New Haven’s equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. Over the course of the two year engagement, community and cross-sector stakeholders will convene and align to emerge a set of entrepreneurial ecosystem strategies to build awareness, and activate a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Haven.


In New Haven, the NHE3 (New Haven Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem) team is working alongside Forward Cities on a plan to collaborate with community leaders, entrepreneurial support organizations, and other anchor institutions in building an equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem together. The vision for this ecosystem is to co-create an environment where civically activated businesses built by people of color, women, and immigrants are supported in order to contribute to: Individual and family wealth through financial independence, community wealth through good, local jobs, generational wealth, and structural change.

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