Solving Complex Problems with Statistical Modeling

November 21, 2023 | By

Tivi Jones

Cynthia Williams

Cynthia Williams is the founder of Multiple Holdings Incorporated, a consulting, research, and publication firm specializing in addressing complex problems by reframing them and applying statistical modeling techniques.

In the world of problem-solving and consulting, Cynthia Williams stands out as a visionary entrepreneur who has mastered the art of reframing complex issues. Her company, Multiple Holdings Incorporated, is making waves in the industry by offering consulting, research, and publication services that focus on addressing intricate problems that are not easily recognized. With a background in engineering and a passion for technology-related issues, Cynthia has developed a unique approach to problem reframing, backed by statistical modeling. In this blog post, we will delve into Cynthia's journey, her groundbreaking work, and how she is making a significant impact in her field.

Cynthia Williams has had a diverse career working in various sectors, including corporate America, non-profits, and academia. Her engineering background and interest in systems have propelled her to seek out the most challenging parts of organizations, where she excels at deconstructing and rebuilding complex systems for optimization. Throughout her professional life, Cynthia has been praised for her ability to identify solutions that others couldn't see, which led her to develop a 14-step process of problem reframing.

Cynthia recently embarked on a new chapter of her career as a solopreneur, establishing Multiple Holdings Incorporated. Her consulting, research, and publication firm specializes in addressing complex problems by reframing them and applying statistical modeling techniques. Through her work, Cynthia aims to provide effective and sustainable solutions to technology companies, especially in the Durham and Research Triangle Park (RTP) area, where she hopes to bring her expertise in solving intricate problems to businesses that are struggling.

"Her research shed light on the complex web of issues related to immigration, university transfer, governmental policies, and the medical industry."

One of Cynthia's significant achievements was being approached by the New York Times, which purchased one of her research reports. The report focused on the challenges faced by thousands of international students who fled Ukraine and sought education opportunities in Europe but encountered unforeseen obstacles. Her research shed light on the complex web of issues related to immigration, university transfer, governmental policies, and the medical industry. The unique perspective and statistical modeling approach caught the attention of the New York Times, further validating the effectiveness of her problem-solving methodology

Cynthia's problem-reframing process involves deconstructing complex problems, identifying interrelated factors, and then reconstructing them to uncover effective solutions. While the exact details of her proprietary methodology remain confidential, Cynthia emphasizes the importance of building a statistical model, which she does both mentally and on paper, to visualize the problem comprehensively. This allows her to uncover connections and insights that might have been overlooked by others, leading to innovative and successful solutions.

Cynthia's passion lies in working on technology-related issues that impact the Black community, not just from a social justice perspective, but also in the fields of engineering, mathematics, and STEM education. She recognizes the interconnectedness of factors affecting Black communities, such as economic turmoil, social justice, affordable housing, and lack of education. By applying her problem reframing and statistical modeling expertise, Cynthia aims to assist technology companies in addressing these complex issues and achieving sustainable solutions. As she continues to champion technology and address intricate issues, Cynthia’s expertise in statistical modeling and problem reframing will undoubtedly continue to drive successful outcomes and inspire others in the field.

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