PLACE Builders Fellow Charlyn Moss

May 6, 2024 | By

Nutishia Lee

This spotlight is part of the “PLACE Builders fellows” series. More information about the PLACE (Pava LaPere Award for Cultivating Ecosystems) Builders fellowship can be found here.


Charlyn Moss headshot

Charlyn Moss

Rocky Mountain Region

Rocky Mountain fellow, Charlyn Moss, is a former sole proprietor who intimately understands the multifaceted challenges and barriers that confront Black-led-and-serving entrepreneurs.

"I’m deeply involved in fostering an equitable entrepreneurial environment, particularly focused on empowering Black sole proprietors."

Charlyn Moss

Charlyn is the founder and CEO of Working Within, a consulting agency that invests in the success of Black-led-or-serving social enterprise leaders in both nonprofit and for-profit worlds. She shared that “by fostering collaboration and providing strategic support, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to seize greater opportunities for growth and success. We acknowledge the profound impact of entrepreneurs working together to uplift other Black-led-and-serving organizations, creating a ripple effect of revenue generation within our community.”

Recognizing the urgent need for tailored support and resources to address the unique obstacles faced by Black entrepreneurs, she is establishing the Black Owners Club (BOC), a transformative initiative designed to address critical gaps and foster sustainable growth within the Black entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BOC will provide Black-owned service businesses joining the initiative with access to a range of benefits, including training, client matchmaking, and equity in office space.

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Inspired by the legacy of Pava LaPere, forever Chief Ecosystem Officer and Co-Founder of EcoMap Technologies, as a tribute to her legacy of fighting for equal access to opportunity, the PLACE (Pava LaPere Award for Cultivating Ecosystems) Builders fellowship aims to catalyze more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems by providing intensive training, peer support, and community pilots to eight selected fellows.

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